10 Years As A Superior Court Commissioner

Guiding Palm Desert Clients Through Challenging Times

As a former Commissioner for the Riverside County Superior Court, Mr. Mack brings unique perspective to the resolution of the complex and emotional issues of divorce, co-parenting, and contract issues. After practicing in this area of the law for more than 35 years, he is deeply committed to his philosophy of settlement first and litigation as a last resort.

The Mack Law Offices is located in Palm Desert and serves clients of Indio, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, and surrounding communities of the Coachella Valley and the High Desert. Mr. Mack will take the time to listen to the facts of your case in a confidential consultation and recommend a plan of action. He strives for negotiated settlements that reduce the time, expense and stress for you.

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  • Divorce: We help clients see past their emotions to a workable settlement that avoids litigation, while protecting financial interests and the best interests of the children. We handle contested and uncontested divorce cases.
  • Child custody and visitation: Through negotiation or mediation, we enable parents to work out parenting agreements rather than relying on the court to impose solutions. We also handle modifications and “move away” requests.
  • Child support: Mr. Mack is adept at discovering the total income, including hidden income, of paying parents to hold them to their full support obligations, including enforcement actions.
  • Spousal support: We can negotiate alimony out of court or ensure that the court has accurate information to determine when spousal support is merited and when an ex-spouse has become self-supporting.
  • Division of property and debts: Mr. Mack routinely handles large, complex marital estates and family-owned businesses, working for efficient valuation and identification of community property and separate property, rather than dragging the process out in litigation.
  • Paternity: Mr. Mack represents women and men alike in paternity actions. When paternity is established, the father may become responsible for paying child support and may gain rights to custody and visitation.
  • Premarital and postmarital agreements: A properly drafted prenuptial agreement or postmarital agreement streamlines the division of assets in the event of divorce. Mr. Mack meticulously drafts these contracts to stand up to legal challenges.
  • Independent adoptions: Mr. Mack arranges private adoptions and negotiates terms of the agreement to protect the interests of adopting parents and provide permissible assistance to the birth mother.
  • Domestic partnerships: Our firm handles various issues for same-sex couples including partnership agreements and dissolutions of civil unions.
  • Contract preparation and litigation

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Litigation is an expensive, lengthy, frustrating, and generally inefficient way to resolve disputes. For this reason, ADR is becoming an increasingly popular means of resolving lawsuits before trial. In some cases, parties can avoid litigation altogether. Mr. Mack provides private dispute resolution services in which his judicial experience provides unique qualifications:

  • Private arbitration
  • Private mediation
  • Private trial services

Call The Mack Law Offices at 760-585-3096 to arrange a confidential consultation. Or, contact us online to have someone get in touch with you promptly. Mr. Mack personally attends to every aspect of your case and provides responsive service from the first interview through the resolution of the matter.

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