10 Years As A Superior Court Commissioner

Navigating Child Support Issues in Divorce

Family law attorney Barry Mack represents parents in child support determination, modifications and enforcement actions. His extensive background in these matters enables him to hold paying parents accountable for their full financial support obligations.

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Fair Determination of Child Support

Child support is calculated from strict guidelines based principally on the parties’ incomes and respective time-sharing percentages with their children. Other factors are considered and can be discussed with Mr. Mack. The court must decide on the numbers to plug into the formula, and that is where an experienced attorney is helpful.

Disputes often arise with a self-employed parent whose income is hard to establish. For example, a father may say he earns $5,000 a month, but the mother contends he actually earns substantially more than that. Barry Mack will assist you in tracing under-reported income and hidden assets to arrive at an accurate support amount.

Child Support Modifications

Many changes can arise after a divorce has been finalized, or after a court order has been established. Either parent can request from the court an increase or decrease in the amount of child support ordered if there has been a substantial change in circumstances. Changes can include a new job or raise, a loss of job, relocation with a child, or medical hardship. Mr. Mack can represent either the primary or nonprimary parent in modification hearings.

Child Support Enforcements

If a parent is not paying court-ordered child support, our law firm can initiate various actions to compel the parent to satisfy their obligations to the child. Contempt of court proceedings, wage garnishment, liens on property or bank accounts, or petitions for sole custody usually get the delinquent parent’s attention.

Child Support and Paternity

Mr. Mack also handles paternity actions on behalf of mothers seeking to establish paternity and potential assumed fathers being sued for paternity. When paternity is established, the father will most likely have an obligation to pay child support.

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