10 Years As A Superior Court Commissioner

Guiding Clients Toward a Better Future

Our philosophy is that litigation is more than likely unproductive — a waste of time and money, and is needlessly antagonistic when a settlement can usually be comparable to the likely outcome of a trial. Mr. Mack protects your interests while working diligently for a fair, reasonable and timely resolution.

The Mack Law Offices in Palm Desert, California, strives for out-of-court divorce settlements first, escalating to focused litigation only when necessary. We represent people in the Coachella Valley, Eastern Riverside County and the High Desert Communities in contested and uncontested divorces. Call 760-585-3096 to arrange a confidential consultation..

Foresight From Experience

In pretrial divorce negotiations, attorney Barry Mack knows how a judge may likely rule because he has served in that capacity himself. Mr. Mack was a commissioner of Riverside County Superior Court, serving from 1995 to 2004. Prior to his judicial appointment, Mr. Mack had practiced divorce and family law since 1976. This unique perspective enables him to cut to the core issues and steer parties toward reasonable divorce and separation agreements regarding:

Settlement First, Restraint in Litigation

Mr. Mack sits down with each client to identify the main disputed issues and the likelihood of settlement. He analyzes what a court might do if the case were contested. Based on the facts at hand, he recommends a fair resolution and seeks the client’s permission to approach the other side. If a marital settlement agreement is reached, the divorce can be finalized without any court appearance.

If discovery is required, Mr. Mack continues to work with the other party’s counsel to settle the case on the basis of new information. If the other side refuses settlement, ignores a fair offer, or makes unreasonable demands, Mr. Mack may recommend that the issues in dispute be resolved by the court.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Mack Law Offices provides divorce negotiations and litigation but also serves as a neutral in private dispute resolution. Mr. Mack can discuss whether he might best serve as a private trial judge, private arbitrator or mediator. These alternatives offer quicker, less expensive and confidential resolution, overseen by a former judicial officer, with the insights of more than 35 years in practice.

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