10 Years As A Superior Court Commissioner

Careful Negotiation of Independent Adoption Agreements

The Mack Law Offices represents adoptive parents or birth mothers in private adoptions, drafting clear legal documents that define the arrangement and avoid future conflicts. He also represents families in stepparent adoptions.

Barry Mack is a Palm Desert, California, family law attorney with more than 35 years of combined experience as private counsel and as a Superior Court commissioner in Riverside County. Having arranged independent adoptions and dealt with problems that arise in them, he excels at anticipating problems and making certain that his client understands his or her rights and limitations.

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Open or Closed?

  • In an open adoption, the birth mother knows of or meets the adopting parents. Any continuing relationship between the natural mother and child is spelled out (or specifically prohibited) in the adoption agreement.
  • In a closed adoption, Mr. Mack represents one of the parties, but the parties do not meet or learn about each other (beyond relevant medical history). Mr. Mack structures the agreement to ensure that those boundaries are maintained; the agreement could address whether or not the adopted child can later discover information about his or her birth mother.

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