10 Years As A Superior Court Commissioner

Fighting to Establish Paternity

The Mack Law Offices represents both mothers and fathers in paternity actions. Whether you wish to file a paternity action to establish parentage of your child or you were served with a paternity action, we can resolve your legal matter. We strive to obtain resolutions through settlements and negotiations rather than trial. In this way, we offer time-sensitive and cost-conscious legal help.

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How Is Paternity Established?

Our law office can answer any questions you may have about paternity actions. If you are a mother seeking to establish paternity or if you are being sued in a paternity action, you and the child will likely undergo a genetic or DNA test. The results are highly accurate and determine the probability of the man in question being the father.

What Can Change Once Paternity Is Established?

Attorney Barry Mack can gather all appropriate evidence and present your case in a hearing – whether seeking to establish or defend against a judgment. When paternity is established, it can affect child support and possibly child custody and visitation. The father will likely now become obligated to pay child support payments and may have rights to custody and visitation.

Establishing paternity can change your child’s life and yours. The Mack Law Offices strives to reach favorable outcomes that are in the best interests of the child.

For assistance with any matter involving father’s rights or mother’s rights in a paternity action, contact our office to schedule your confidential appointment with Barry Mack. He has practiced family law for more than 35 years, both in private practice and as a Superior Court Commissioner. Mr. Mack will personally handle your paternity issue. Call us at 760-585-3096.

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